RisorgiMarche (Raise again, Marche)

The third edition of free concerts in the areas of Marche hit by the earthquake

Beauty shall save the world Dostoevsky makes prince Miškin say in his famous  novel “The Idiot”. Still, we can say that music too, which in a way is a synonymous of beauty, can save the world. Music which joins nature and landscape beauty of this land, Marche, ravaged and brought to its knees by the earthquakes which shocked it between summer and autumn of 2016. This festival indeed is aimed, since its first performance, at reconciling people and their motherland through nature, which is a source of life and offers beauty and charm with its landscapes, its meadows, its parks. It is also a way to rediscover, and make tourists discover, Marche and their many, unique treasures. Landscapes, nature and ecology are in fact the linchpins around which turn the performances of such Italian artists as Nek, Tosca, Mengoni, Bennato, Capossela and many others who confirmed their participation to RisorgiMarche 2019. The issue is not just of joining a concert and listening to some good music, but also of getting, on foot or bike, to the event’s location, far from noisy roads, in the middle of nature, on meadows and parks in the areas most severely hit by the earthquake.

Neri Marcorè.

Concerts always start late in the afternoon, at 4.30 p.m., in order to exploit the sunlight and avoid contamination: low environmental impact, no acoustic pollution caused by vehicles, which are parked at a convenient distance.  RisorgiMarche is in fact aimed at making people fully enjoy nature, and the only price to pay is precisely the effort of getting to its locations after a healthy walk or a pleasant bike ride. Unlike in traditional concerts, there is no need to hurry to snatch up the last available ticket: room in fact is as unlimited as the meadows and the parks where concerts are performed. They are accessible to all, free from architectonic barriers, enjoyable since the morning because they are open and free spaces, belonging to us all. Places anyway accessible to the disabled too, who can be accompanied by car in proximity of the concert locations even if the last part of the path is on uneven ground, which requires assistance or adequate equipment.