Castelfidardo, the Accordion festival

Prestige and elegance of sound can be found in the 44th edition of the Accordion Festival in Castelfidardo, “world capital city” of bellow music, performed in the greatest variety of styles: from classical to jazz, to country and folk.

This ever and more and more evolving festival is meant to bring on the world proscenium the accordion, a musical instrument which contributed to the cultural transformation of this area of Marche, further to creating a previously unthinkable wealth to its economy which for centuries was bound to agriculture.

Te accordion is an instrument capable of fascinating both those who choose to play and listen to it, and demands great skill and study both from musicians and artisans who build it. Its construction requires indeed a great craftsmanship. An accordion is not just an instrument capable of raising nostalgia or suggestion, possibly connected to the history of emigration: it is also a vehicle for the creation of income and jobs for the new generations.

It is therefore an opportunity to be caught, as it puts the spotlight not just on the accordion only, but on the whole region of Marche.

The 2019 program is centred on the innumerable performances which shall take place during the festival and shall also include such new classes as the one dedicated to the electronic accordion.

Free concerts and classes, seminars and auditions shall take place every day, and a top quality jury shall also serve as a talent scout for new promising performers.

None should lose a visit to the International Accordion Museum, in the basement of the 16th century City Hall. Its collection includes some 350 accordions, all different from each other, including a copy of a “tcheng” and is an excellent didactic means for the discovery of the instrument’s evolution, of its classification and of those who keep this craft alive.