82nd festival of grapes in Cupramontana

This is not “a” but “the” festival of grapes. It is by now one of the oldest and most awaited rendezvous not just with wine, but with good food and excellent music too.  A mix of proposals meant for the many who every year rush to the Cupramontana festival and made it get a leading role between the events of its kind. Wine is certainly its protagonist, but not any wine: it is Verdicchio, which is by now unanimously acknowledged, beyond its borders, as the ambassador of the region’s wines and year after year keeps gaining quality awards. And it is certainly because it can propose so many initiatives and options that this Festival, the most ancient in Marche and one of the oldest in Italy (its first edition dates back to September 23 1928) is now proposing its 82nd edition without losing the least of its brilliance but on the contrary gaining both in attendance and importance.

Artisan and photographic shows, food and wine products, launch of books, tastes, tales: there is indeed enough for all tastes, as is confirmed by the program, which can be consulted by clicking here.

The main attraction shall certainly be the possibility of tasting wines produced in the local wine cellars; still, many visitors shall also come to listen to the concerts which in the four days of the festival shall be performed by Gabry Ponte, The Kolors and the Equipe 84.