Ski, Spa and Stories of times gone by

7 gennaio 2015 | Commenta Discovery Marche

The Marches in winter: a postcard of the beauty of a region where one can really find everything and where no visitor is left feeling unhappy.
Even if our region is known mainly for the velvety sandy beaches, it doesn’t mean to say that there is nothing interesting to do in winter!
Of course, if the idea of traveling is to enjoy a ski-filled holiday, perhaps the Marches is not the perfect place but if the idea is to breathe in the mountain air, stroll through the streets of charming towns and, in case of snow, take advantage of the white hills. We have the perfect place for you!
Sarnano is a small village in the province of Macerata with around 3400 inhabitants, many with that initial unfriendly face that is typical of people who live in the mountains but who are soon willing to open up and tell tourists and travellers stories about everything there is to know about the area.
Located in the heart of the Sibillini mountains, Sarnano has the fortune of offering different options for those who pass by here, some dependent on the season, others available all year round.
When winter is intense and the snow covers the Sibillini hills with a white veil, Sarnano is one of the main destinations for the skiers of the Marches. It is the second largest ski resort in the region with 11km of ski slopes. The area of Sarnano is made up of 2 hamlets: Sassotetto and Santa Maria Maddalena. Over the course of years, the facilities have been renovated and today skiers can take advantage of 9 ski-lifts: 1 moving walk-way, 4 ski-lifts, 2 hand-held lifts and 4 chairlifts (one 2-seater, one 3-seater) that serve the medium-difficulty slopes. In 2006, to deal with the problems caused by shortness of snow, a powerful system of artificial snow and a snow park, the Madallena Snow park, were built. Since the winter of 2007, a lighting system on the slopes has also been in place offering skiers and snow-addicts a completely different experience!
And if skiing isn’t your thing?  There’s always the chance to enjoy the cultural sights and relax a bit!
This small medieval village is rich in historical buildings such as the Church of San Francesco that was dedicated to the friars of Assisi, adjacent to the Palazzo Comunale. The Palazzo dei Priori, Palazzo del Popolo – today the Teatro della Vittoria -, the Palazzo del Podestà and the Church of Santa Maria di Piazza with its works of art look onto the Piazza Alta. The entire historic centre was built primarily with cooked stone making it unique and certainly giving it a distinctive character. Places to visit in Sarnano include the Pinacoteca Comunale, the Franciscan library, the Museo delle Armi Antichi e Moderne (Museum of Ancient and Modern Arms), the Museum of Hammers and that of the avifauna of the area. If after taking the historic and artistic sighs, you would like to relax a bit… the springs of San Giacomo await!

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