A Touch of Marches sweetness

7 gennaio 2015 | Commenta Discovery Marche

According to Italian tradition, Christmas is a time for indulging in panettone, pandoro, torrone (nougat) and all types of dried fruits.
But… something typical of the region always adds a different touch to any meal!
Even if the traditional Marches cuisine is not particularly extensive in terms of Christmas recipes and we, the people from the Marche, are traditionalists, nevertheless we have managed to find a recipe that could be called the treat of our festive lunches and dinners: the Bostrengo.

Something that is never missing on the dinner tables during festivities besides Pandoro and Panettone is Torrone. We could call Bostrengo a version of torrone from the Marches region. In our land, we don’t throw anything away: the people of the Marches are attentive to not waste anything! Perhaps that’s how this sweet was created as it’s also known as a “pulisci-credenza” (store cupboard clean-out) and after reading the list of ingredients you’ll understand why!

400 g flour
200 g sweet corn flour (“granoturco”)
stale bread, boiled and lightly salted
100 g cooked rice o
100 g sultanas
200 g chopped dried figs
100 g chopped nuts
peel of one orange cut into thin strips
1 apple, sliced
100 g sugar
1 glass milk

Take a large container and mix together all the ingredients. Once well mixed, take the mixture and spread it over a baking sheet greased with a little goose fat. Heat oven to 175° and cook for an hour. Leave to cool and cut into cubes before dusting with icing sugar.


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