The Museum that will make you laugh

30 ottobre 2014 | Commenta Discovery Marche

Try to propose visiting a museum during a holiday or a town visit. If you have young children in your group, your suggestion is likely to be met with the same face they pull when you tell them they have to visit the dentists! But, not all museums are boring in fact, discovering the Marches, you’ll find one that is quite the opposite!
The International Museum of Caricature and Humorous Art is located at Tolentino, inside the Palazzo Sangallo. Opened in 1970, is really is something unique and houses over 10,000 pieces including drawings, pictures, Italian and foreign humoristic newspapers and caricatural objects ranging from ancient times to modern day.
The history of satire and irony as a means of dealing with life and laughing as a remedy, are ideas that date back to long ago and this museum gives us the chance to see how this type of art form can be honoured.
The “father” of the Museum of Caricature is the doctor, artist and caricaturist Luigi Mari from Tolentino who was also the founder of the international biannual festival of Humour in Art that is also held in Tolentino.
The journey through the pieces includes three rooms, each with their own theme: the historic room, the caricature room and the humour room. Probably the one which will leaves the greatest impression on visitors is the caricature room which is entirely dedicated to portraits of people whose personality is interpreted and shown to the public by some of the best caricaturists in the world making them more intense, through their comical transfiguration.
A visit to the Museum is an almost revolutionary experience because on one hand it removes the presumed stuffy image that is linked to the concept of a museum, and on the other it gives the just cultural dimension to the art which is perhaps the most complex of them all – how to laugh and make others laugh too!


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