Our own Gran Canyon

30 ottobre 2014 | Commenta Discovery Marche

We are certainly not arrogant enough as to compare what we have to the magnificence and greatness of the Gran Canyon but even the small region of the Marches can stun visitors with its mars-like scenery. Arriving in the vicinity of the Lame Rosso, for a second you won’t be able to stop yourself from holding your breath, almost in ecstasy, as if the hour’s stroll from the Diga di Fiastra to the canyon threw you into another world.
The name Lame Rosse refers to an area that is part of the Monti Sibillini hills with a very particular red coloured rock.
Why? In reality, the explanation is both scientific and extremely very simple. Continuous erosion has removed the rocky surface and has revealed the iron-rich lower layers below.
This is a very suggestive area, also because if you stay silent after having arrived within the vicinity of the red walls, you can get a feeling of continuous fermentation: in the background you will hear the movements of the mountain, stones that fall from the walls, rustling, the settling of rocks. Almost as if nature was engulfing you, far from the noises that are part of our everyday lives and which leave us often deaf to things that are really happening around us.
Arriving in front of the Lame Rosse is much easier than you could imagine! There is no tiring trek involved, just a relaxing walk. Obviously to avoid unfortunate surprises it’s always better to be well prepared with trekking boots, a sunhat (even if the are is almost completely shaded) and a cagoule just in case it rains.
The path you should follow is the no. 335 starting at the Diga di Fiastra.
Over the walk you’ll be able to enjoy an amazing landscape that varies between blooming vegetation and brief views of the lake.

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