Exposed and lost

30 ottobre 2014 | Commenta Discovery Marche

There are some days in which one only needs to breathe, to look beyond, so that our gaze is lost in infinity.
There aren’t so many places that give us the opportunity to experience this magic and unique sensation, to detatch from the here and now and to free ourselves as if we were an eagle flying low enough to that we can see but without being sucked in by the chaos below.
Torre di Palme, in the province of Fermo, is one of these enchanted places. The small village sits on the summit of a hill and from its outskirts, we can see exactly what the Marches is: the blue sea, the green hills and the small mountains.
In medioval times, this village was created as a protective fortification to the old maritime port of the roman city of Palma, aimed at protecting it from the frequent invasions from pirates.
But the beauty that we can see today meandering through the narrow alleyways can be credited to the religious order of Sant’Augustine that built the majority of the historic centre.
The particularity of the Torre di Palme lies in the perfect conservation of the buildings and its character over time, along with the stylistic uniformity of the medioval and renaissance buildings.
This is why even though this village is very small, it can be considered as one of the most interesting from an architectural and history viewpoint.
Having already mentioned the beauty and the strong emotions that the landscape stirs in visitors if viewed from Piazzale Belvedere, Torre di Palme has many points of interest.
There is the Church of San Giovanni, built around 1000. AD., with its ashlar blocks and Lombard bands that houses dominating majestic frescoes from the 15th century. Then there is the Palazzo Priorale, with a majestic pointed archway on the facade and a small belfry. The gothic Church of Sant’Agostino also deserves notice, with local red earthenware tiles, the facade has a beautiful gothic door and a rose window.
But there’s also room for a bit of romanticism and melancholy. One of the most beautiful excursions one can take in the area is to the Grotta degli Amanti, the backdrop of the tragic love story between Antonio and Laurina, the two lovers that met their death throwing themselves into the emptiness of the Fosso di San Filippo.


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