Viste da occhi stranieri

23 marzo 2012 | Commenta Scelti per voi

“Ti darei gli occhi miei per vedere ciò che non vedi”, cantava Renato Zero. Non che noi marchigiani non siamo capaci di cogliere la bellezza dei nostri territori, ma visto attraverso gli occhi di altri, di chi qui non è nato ma rimane incantato da ciò che gli si propone per la prima volta, tutto acquista un sapore speciale, una verità maggiore perchè non viziata dal campanilismo.
Per questo vi proponiamo oggi di guardare con lo sguardo di Saija Baer, giornalista finlandese rapita da Offida.
In June near Offida – painting workshop for Finnish artists
My mobile rings – it is late September 2010. I am sitting on a bus somewhere in between Roma and Grottammare. My son calls me from Finland and after the call a young Italian woman sitting beside me on the other side of the aisle asks me if the language that I spoke was Finnish. Yes, I am from Finland, I answered ashtonished. For me it was really a big surprise that she recognized the language that I spoke! She then told me she had studied one course of Finnish language at university, but never met anyone from Finland before and that she was most pleased to meet me ! I found this coincidence very amusing and we started talking. Later I became good friends with her family as well.
I came to Italy for the first time in the mid-70´s when I was finishing high school. I studied Latin for three years and our teacher wanted to take us to Rome and Venice, because she spoke also Italian and had spent all her summers in Italy for some time. After this fantastic schooltrip I have travelled to many places in Italy and also stayed for a period at the Finnish Artists Residence in Grassina near Florence. In Helsinki I studied Italian at Instituto Culturale Italiano. It was actually there the first contact with Le Marche was made when my teacher Paolo showed us where his home town San Benedetto del Tronto was on the map and read a poem of Leopardi for us!
In Helsinki I made contact with a young Finnish woman Hanna from ArsMondo. The basic working concept of ArsMondo is to establish cultural exchange between Italy and Finland, to arrange trips and workshops lead by Italian and Finnish professionals in visual arts, in art history and opera music. The idea of teaching at a painting workshop in Le Marche started to interest me a great deal and now ArsMondo is having a painting workshop 23.6.-30.6.2012 in the countryside for Finnish artists. The artists will paint landscapes on the hills of Piceno and the seaside in San Benedetto del Tronto, go to the mountainside of Castelluccio del Norcia, to Offida and the old town of Grottammare. Exhibition of the paintings is being planned after the workshop.

di Saija Baer

The writer is Visual artist and Art teacher,

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